The Geography of Moshi

One of my daughters interests is Moshi Monsters.
She has a fairly extensive range of merchandise, although there is far more than would fit into her bedroom if she had it all....
I read recently about the founder of the Moshi empire who, it turns out, is a geography graduate.

I wondered whether there was a chance to explore the geographical potential of this very popular creation. It could even be an opportunity to explore the geography of Moshi world, the particular ways that Moshi creatures deal with extremes of climate, the cities that they live in, the demographics of Moshi World etc...

Given the popularity of MOSHI MONSTERS (found at the weekend that they actually put the boxes in a special security box at a local shop as people were opening up the boxes in order to get the particular ones they wanted)

Saw a Moshi Monsters egg the other month in Covent Garden too - pictured....

There was also the fairly recent mention of MOSHI MONSTERS at a technology event in Edinburgh as reported in the TESS.

What are the other geographical connections that can be made with these popular creatures ?


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