Drawdown by Ben Sheppee

 Coming to King's Lynn for the next month or so...

This consists of projections which will be shone onto 4 key buildings in the town between next weekend and the end of November. I shall be heading over once the clocks have gone back to take a look at this...

More details here.

The impact of the 2020 national lock-down has shown us that change can be made and some positive effects have been experienced including people commuting less and becoming more aware of their environment… Can this be the beginning of an influential change? The work aims not to emphasize the problems of climate change, but highlight some of the solutions and provide empowerment through awareness.

The project draws on research from Drawdown, a 2017 comprehensive plan to reverse global warming, developed by an international coalition of leading researchers, scientists and policymakers. Their report ranks the top 100 ways to reverse climate change, with #1 being the most effective in sequestering carbon from the environment. To create DRAWDOWN, Sheppee has focused on the most relevant subjects for King’s Lynn, tailoring the solutions to the locality. Read our interview with Sheppee to find out more about what inspired this project.

You can visit the project by touring the sites listed below after dark until 10pm daily, from Sunday 25 October until Tuesday 24 November. We recommend that visitors bring a torch and please do follow the latest social distancing guidelines whilst enjoying the project. Further information about the ranked solutions highlighted at each site will be released daily on social media throughout the project.

  • Greyfriars Tower focuses on solutions related to changes to our energy use.
  • King’s Lynn Minster considers solutions around reducing emissions.
  • The Custom House highlights solutions for water usage and protection.
  • St Nicholas’ Chapel relates to solutions for afforestation, restoring our green environment

DRAWDOWN is the first of four climate related artworks by Collusion that will be delivered between October 2020 and May 2022 as part of the GAME ON series. GAME ON aims to establish King’s Lynn as a national centre of excellence for cultural innovation in interactive, town-scale projection-based artworks, supported by a networked digital cluster of specialist creative businesses.

The book is worth buying as well.


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