Dan's new project

Dan Raven Ellison's 'The UK in 100 Seconds' was a lovely project which resulted in a film which I have used numerous times and I am not alone, made in association with Friends of the Earth and voiced by Benjamin Zephaniah. It has apparently been viewed over 500 000 times.

Dan has now launched a Crowdfunding campaign for a new film which will tell the story of the UK's amazing National Parks in 100 seconds.

As Dan says on the Crowdfunder page:

In the UK we have 15 beautiful, distinctive and important National Parks. From the New Forest to the Cairngorms and Pembrokeshire to the Broads, our National Parks include a diverse range of landscapes, habitats and uses. The overall picture is complex, hard to imagine and difficult to get a proper sense of proportion. 

When they are all added together... how much of our National Parks are covered in woodlands, crops, pastures, quarries or urban areas? 

UK National Parks in 100 Seconds will give us a first look that's not just a sterile data set or graph, but moving images that people can relate to.

The film will be both beautiful and challenging. It will help us to better imagine what our National Parks look like and what they could be like in the future.

Each second costs around £100 to make, so the campaign target is £10 000.

The final film will be released online under a Creative Commons license. Teachers, lecturers, charities and members of the public will all be able to watch, share, download and enjoy the film for free.

Every donation, even just £1 will be helpful at this time. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed film if the target is reached. A reminder of the new status of London as a National Park City: a project successfully spearheaded by Dan.

Also, for those who want some creative ideas for getting out and about in the UK's wonderful National Parks, get yourself a copy of Mission:Explore National Parks.


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