Great British Literature Map

I'm a great fan of the maps produced by ST&G.

I've got all their previous maps, and they are lovely things.

Their latest map is a Literature Map of the UK.

This features:
  • The Top 50 of Britain’s literary spots, a truly thrilling road trip connecting them all, and reading suggestions to bring them to life in unique fashion
  • Over 1,000 settings, fictional locations and real places that inspired fictional locations
  • Follow in the footsteps of your favourite characters with over 30 amazing routes
  • Over 600 brilliant bookshops and lovely libraries
  • Over 250 of the finest literary festivals and events
  • A litany of museums, attractions, graves, memorials, trails, theatres and scenes of other glorious literature-related tales and random nuggets
It can be ordered from the Ordnance Survey shop on this link.

Or visit their Marvellous Maps website, and 'get smitten with Britain'.


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