a different view

‘... to be educated is not to have arrived at a destination, it is to travel with a different view’ (Peters, 1965)

Ten years ago, I started working for the Geographical Association, and worked on the team which delivered on the promises in the Action Plan for Geography.
One of the outcomes from this was the GA's 'manifesto' for school geography, which remains influential, and some of the ideas in there are still an important part of shaping the thinking of teachers. It was called 'a different view'.

One of the resources that went alongside the pamphlet was a video. There were two versions: long and short, and I made them over a period of months using the Animoto Pro video editing tool. It got its premiere at the GA Conference in 2009.

You can still watch the video here:

A Different View: Promoting Geography from The Geographical Association on Vimeo.

Follow this link to visit the page on the GA's website, which has a whole range of supporting resources.


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