Twitter accounts to follow 2018

For many, using Twitter (or other social media sites...) is a quotidian experience. It helps them to keep informed about the world, and to make local and global connections.

I started using Twitter around 10 years ago, and have found it the most useful way to connect with thousands of other educators, source resources and ideas, and keep up to date with global events.
My account is @GeoBlogs - if you visit you won't be able to see my tweets unless you follow me. My account is protected.
This does however mean that because I have personally approved all the 4300+ people that follow me, I know that they are real people or organisations, and it is therefore a true follower figure, unlike most other accounts which are open and can therefore be followed by bots and have inflated reach.
It also means that people have wanted to follow me, and they tend to stay following once they have started.
For the last 4 or 5 years I've featured on the UKEdChat list of Twitter accounts worth following, which has grown in size over the years.
Checked earlier and good to say that I'm also on the 2018 version which can be seen embedded below or here.

Come over, follow me and let's start a conversation...


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