Do it Kits

I've worked with Helen from Mission:Explore for years now, on all of our books and other materials, and also worked with her on the INTEL DISTANCE project (you can search on the blog to find out more about that, and other projects with a whole range of partners and clients.
Helen's latest work is taking her into 'making', and the use of Arduino boards and ICT, alongside laser cut or 3D printed objects.
She has just launched her first kit, which is on the DO IT KITS website, as an individual kit, or as a class set. I had a chance to play with one of the kits at the GeoVation space, and they are very nicely put together and provide a range of curriculum materials.

Here's the description from the website.

Test your reaction time and learn about neurons, synapses, ethics, human experimentation, computer and human sensing systems, and working scientifically. Time to React comes with over three hours of lesson plans for GCSE Biology, with related activities for Computing and Physics. Also suitable for Code Club - or anyone who wants a cool box with a massive red button that tests your reaction time!

Over the summer we'll be finalising and launching three more maker kits for the classroom: Make Your Own Weather Station, Soil Sensors and Musical Waves.


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