Over the next few days, well over 150 000 people will be heading down to Pilton, Somerset for the 2013 Glastonbury Festival.
At my new school, I may be teaching a unit on Music Festivals and this is the biggest, and offers a nice context for many geographical themes. The festival becomes a temporary city, most of which are strangers to it...

These are the pictures I took when visiting the festival in 2010 for the first (and possibly last) time to work for Mission:Explore / The Geography Collective for the duration. It was a long and hot five days meeting hundreds of people and spending the early hours of the morning (as the dance stage near my tend pounded away) wandering the extremes of the site taking many pictures and soaking up the unique atmosphere.

I have to admit to not being that bothered about this year's line-up: not a fan of the Rolling Stones, and Mumford and Sons bored me when I saw them...
I'd rather be at LATITUDE to see KRAFTWERK, and coincidentally, you'll find MISSION:EXPLORE in the Kids' Field this year ! Come and say hello....

A useful app if you're going to Glastonbury is the GlastoMap - this is shown below. There's also a Twitter feed @GlastoMap. You can apparently use it to locate friends... It usefully shows the huge scale of the Glastonbury site.

If you're going, enjoy it !


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