Have you joined the GeoLibrary yet ? It's free to enter...

On the 1st of January I started a new 365 project for 2013.
This is called the GEOLIBRARY.

I am planning to put up a blog post each day this year about a book that is on my shelves which I think that geography teachers in particular (although of course they can also be read by anyone else!!) would find useful in some way...

Just over 3 weeks in and we have already put an eclectic mix of books on the shelves of the GeoLibrary, but there is still room for plenty more.

We have fiction and non-fiction, travel books, books on various countries and themes and some cultural history too.
Check out what's already been placed on the shelves of the GeoLibrary

I will be writing a 'librarian's report' at the end of each month and am happy to receive suggestions for other books, or reviews of existing books added as comments (for example) 
We never close....
Check back daily for a new book that can be withdrawn...


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