Are you 'feeling a little hoarse' ?

An interesting cultural story has been in the news in the UK today.

Horsemeat has been discovered in burgers on sale in a range of supermarkets. There has been a lot of debate about this, even though some meat in burgers is probably preferable to some of the other things that they put in there...
Margaret Visser's work on the cultural importance of food is relevant here of course.

Does it matter if we eat horse ?
Was the presence of pork worse perhaps, given the connection with some religious beliefs ?
Is horse meat used elsewhere ?

Predictably perhaps, social media was full of humorous comments relating to 'quarter pandas', 'my Lidl pony', picture of horses as an 'unexpected item in the bagging area', checking the burgers 'and they're off...' etc.

Any other horse-related puns that are your favourites ?

Perhaps we need to FOLLOW THE THINGS a little more carefully...


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