Tourism is for the Brave

The new Pixar film BRAVE will be with us in a few months...
I follow the Twitter feed of Pixar, and it always contains something of interest, including some excellent quotes which I have used on many occasions.

Visit Scotland is involved in a co-ordinated project with Disney/Pixar to promote Scotland across the world. Alex Salmond is heading for the States....

Mr Salmond will also attend the world premiere of the animated film Brave, which has a mythical Scottish setting.
The Scottish government estimates that the Disney/Pixar film, which is due to open at the Los Angeles Film Festival, could boost the Scottish economy by £140m.
The premiere will bring together Disney/Pixar and tourism agency VisitScotland, who are collaborating on a global marketing campaign to showcase Scotland across the world.
Earlier in the year, a project that I was involved in launched as part of the Cultural Olympiad.
DiscoverExplore was developed and written by members of the Geography Collective.

An interesting related article in The Guardian describes the bits of Scottish life that were missed out of the film...


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