Glastonbury After Hours

You have another chance tomorrow (Sunday) on BBC4 to see Julien Temple's film 'Glastonbury After Hours' which looks at the places that some of the festival-goers never see.... It's reviewed HERE.
There's life beyond the Pyramid Stage...
Watch the programme on iPlayer HERE for the next six days too.

I went to Glastonbury with the Geography Collective in 2010 to work with Mission:Explore, and spent five days at the hottest festival yet... unbroken sunshine and blazing temperatures.
As someone who never thought I'd ever go, to find myself amongst over a hundred thousand other people was an amazing experience. Glastonbury has a very definite 'sense of place'.
My pictures from the festival are embedded below...

I blogged extensively at the time about my experiences. We were staying in a tent right behind a dance stage which went on until about 3.30am.... not conducive to getting any sleep.
This meant that, as I couldn't get to sleep, each night I spent a good few hours between midnight and 3 or 4am wandering the festival exploring and experiencing some amazing sights and sounds. Julien Temple's film explored some of those places that I visited too...

There was the amazing show in Arcadia, the weirdness of the Unfair Ground and Shangri La, wandering along the old railway line, up to the stones and the letters... It was a remarkable experience.

It's a reminder that there is plenty of interest to be found around the edges...
When planning a curriculum or lesson sequence, it's important to go right to the edge... there are some interesting discoveries to be made there...


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