Walking in the City

If you can get through the language that is characteristic of Will Self pieces, there are some important geographical messages coming out here in this piece in The Guardian.

The recent URBAN EARTH : Degrees of London walk was another reminder of the power of walking as the participants walked into London from HeathrowAirport and other locations. Organised by Dan Raven Ellison of the Geography Collective, the people involved were asked to concentrate on particular things during the walk, as well as look at the city in unexpected ways.

While you're walking round the city, you might also be interested in a nice guide called SIDE WALKS. It's one of two nice travel guides produced by Kate Pocrass: an artist living in San Francisco.

Some of the ideas have a touch of our Mission:Explore about them. In fact one of the reviewers refers to some of the suggested activities as 'missions'.
I liked the idea of eating food in a particular shape, or capturing snippets of conversations that were overheard in speech bubbles.

The illustrations are really nice. I bought them earlier in the week from Stanfords, so if you're in London, check them out - they're near the giant world floor map...


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