Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New blog by Rob Hindle

I've blogged about Rob Hindle's poetry before: HERE and HERE for example.

Rob's based in Sheffield, but has lived in various locations in the UK, and also lived and worked in Spain for a time. His collection on the Sheffield Flood of 1864 inspired a mapping activity that I developed as part of the ESRI / GA GIS courses, where students could identify the locations where victims of the flood may have been found, and trace the course of the flood waters.

Worth following Rob's new blog to get further insights into the creative process and his sources of inspiration.

Also check out Mark Jones and Bernadette Fitzgerald's work on creative urban poetry in Teaching Geography in 2010

Eleanor Rawling's chapter in Graham Butt's book 'Geography, Education and the Future' is also recommended.

And a final Geography poetry link is the work of Mark Cowan, who wrote the poem that features in Degrees of Change - the programme on Climate Change that I made with Brook Lapping for Teachers TV


לימודי גיאוגרפיה said...

I wish we have a teacher like you. Probably we all would remember more from geography classes

GeoBlogs said...

Thanks :)