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An interesting tweet I read today said that apparently Walmart is the number 1 tourist destination in the USA.
I have heard before about the large number of people who 'holiday' in Walmart car parks by parking up overnight in them, but have been unable to find more clarification on this claim. It seems that Walmart allow RV's (motor-homes) to park up overnight which has apparently created some issues with other businesses.

As it happened, I then caught up some back-episodes of "Family Guy" and there was an episode on a huge store called Superstore USA... very good...
One scene involved the characters discussing protesting about the growing power of the shop: they needed board, paper and pens to make placards.. "well, Superstore USA stocks all of those things!"

Save money... live better...


Dirt P said…
I've never seen the movie myself, but a geographer friend of mine used to show his students the film "This is Nowhere: RV Camping at Wal-Mart."
Alan Parkinson said…
Thanks for the recommendation :)

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