Postcards from the edge...

...of Yorkshire

Thanks to my psychogeographical contact from Leeds... @concretepost on Twitter...

A very nice looking project in SCARBOROUGH.

The project has involved the local population working with Electric Angel to produce a rather excellent POSTCARD SET. Local people worked with a poet and photographer to explore places that had a particular "meaning".

There is some excellent work coming out of the CREATIVE COAST partnership which fits very nicely with the idea of representing and relating to a place : all part of the Mission:Explore philosophy too, of course...

I am going to be in Scarborough later in the month and will certainly see how many of these cards I can track down...

Will also be picking up the CHART SCARBOROUGH map from the Tourist Information Centre. (Can be downloaded from here in PDF format)

Description of project:

In the past, people came to Scarborough because they saw something special in the town. Now you can follow paths around Scarborough to experience the diverse range of culture, art and heritage that the town has to offer today. Discover paintings, sculpture, murals, ceramics, digital media, photography, theatre, film, live music, spoken word and more. Take in the scenery that inspired renowned poets, writers and artists to produce some of their best work.

The map and the trails which you can find on this website provide exciting new ways to access Scarborough’s local arts scene of today and help you discover the quality and diversity of its cultural roots. You can even share favourite places and events by submitting your own trail.

From the classic to the contemporary, take a journey of discovery through some of the high points of Scarborough’s thriving and growing creative scene. This is YOUR journey. Whatever path you take will offer a new way of experiencing England’s very first seaside resort.

Images and more details HERE.

While we're on the theme of postcards, I enjoyed reading this Daily Mail article on the postcards of Donald McGill: the father of the 'saucy postcard'....


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