Mission Explore !!

GeoVation is a project supported by the Ordnance Survey.
The first year (presumably it will be repeated ?) of the project invited individuals, or teams of people to submit a proposal for a project which need financial support, and was based around the idea of mapping and social benefit.
There were 62 Ventures applying via the website and you can see details of them here.

We decided that Mission Explore, a project of the Geography Collective, of which I am a founder member, should apply for a slice of the funding with a project called MISSION : EXPLORE LONDON...

The project involves (possibly younger) members of the public carrying out geographical "missions" which are located within London. More information is available HERE.

There was a shortlisting process, and last week we heard that we had made the shortlist and would therefore be pitching for the prize...

So it was that last Tuesday we made it to the Royal Geographical Society (when I saw we, I don't include me in that, I was in Oxford at the time preparing to do a GA lecture on the 2007 floods)

Dan and the guys obviously did a great job, as we were successful in gaining the second prize. The winning GeoVation venture was MAXIMAP. They produce, as the name suggests, er... a big map...

We now have £7000 to take the ideas for the MISSION EXPLORE iPhone APP and project to the next stage. Plenty more to come on this blog over the next few months....


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