Birds Eye view of Norfolk ??

Image by Flickr user Sami Taipale made available under Creative Commons license

Image by Flickr user zaser made available under Creative Commons license

There was a lot of comment locally this week and last, when BIRDS EYE announced a major decision on their sourcing of peas. (Link to the EDP article)

There was a posting on the local PICKENHAM POSTS blog regarding the decision.

This will not only have an impact on the landscape, but take away a lot of regular contract income for local farmers.

It is also a break in history as the area has been providing peas for freezing for decades.

Following a link to the BIRDS EYE website also led me to their CHANGING PLATES report. (Link leads to PDF download)

This would make a good resource for those looking at cultural change in the UK and the changing importance of families sitting down around a table to eat a meal together...
More on this to come...


Aside from the lack of peas being purchased from Bird's Eye, there's plenty to keep Norfolk on the World Class stage!

Have a look at for facts, famous Norfolk folk and gallery of Norfolk images.
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