Image by Flickr user snarkypuss under Creative Commons

Tens of thousands of festival goers are converging on Glastonbury again this weekend, among them Dan Ellison and URBAN EARTH.

There has been some wonderful work done using the LATITUDE festival in Suffolk by a local Centre of Excellence school.

Also, on the Geography Teaching Today website is a unit based on GLASTONBURY. Plenty of resources for those wanting to use this as a context for teaching about sustainability, consumption, decision making etc...

Why not have a FESTIVAL SEASON in your KS3 curriculum...

The Daily Mail website has a very useful picture-laden item on Glastonbury.

There will obviously no doubt be plenty of FLICKR images and videos appearing, and this will be the first year that TWITTER will be big at Glastonbury too.

So should be able to create an IMMERSIVE experience for students to consider some questions about the geographical impact of these large temporary gatherings...


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