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'a different view' is the Geographical Association's manifesto for school geography. It will be launched at the GA's CONFERENCE on the 17th of April (don't forget the Twitter hashtag #geoassoc09) where we are expecting over 700 delegates.

Come and say hello if you see me...

Part of the launch package is a movie that I made using ANIMOTO

An important aspect of the movie, alongside the striking images, and carefully worded captions, was the music, which had to be suitably engaging to accompany the images and text captions for around 5 minutes for the 'full version' of the movie (with shorter versions clocking in at just under 3 minutes)
Real World records was started by Peter Gabriel in 1989. I've been a fan of his since late 1970's when he left Genesis, and have a rather old Real World fleece (the name was irresistible for the geographer in me...)

What's great is that you can also search for ARTISTS on a 'real' world map on the Real World website.
I have 'world' music by the following artists:
Afro Celt Sound System
Ayub Ogada
Big Blue Ball
Dmitri Potrovsky Ensemble
Guo Yue
Iarla O Lionaird
The Imagined Village
Mari Boine
Martyn Bennett
Peter Gabriel
Sevara Nazarkhan
Sheila Chandra
The Terem Quartet
Trisan (I think this was the first CD I bought...)

Earlier this week, we had some good news that we have secured the rights to use a Real World Records track as background music for the Animoto.
Very many thanks to the good folks at Real World records for allowing us to have the rights to the Afro Celt Sound System music that I thought went well with the images. The music is from an album called Volume 2: RELEASE

Keep an eye out for the new website materials...

I'll finish with a quote from 'a different view'

‘ … we may need to throw out crusty old favourites ... in favour of stronger links with other subjects and lessons that challenge students to make geographical sense of their own lives and experiences' - David Lambert

The purpose of 'a different view' is to provoke a debate about school geography. This debate will also be followed up on the GA NING. We look forward to hearing your thoughts....


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