GA Manifesto arriving in schools

The first copies of the GA's manifesto: 'a different view' have been arriving in schools this week, after the official launch last week at the Annual Conference.
This is a document that is intended to provoke debate about school geography.

A different view re-affirms geography’s place in the curriculum. It makes a forward looking and compelling case for geography in education. It re-states the value of free-thinking, specialist secondary teachers who are passionate and engaged with the discipline and its potential to educate.

A different view is a two-year programme, delivering a wide range of materials to support geography teaching and touching every school in the UK. It is based around eight stunning visual ‘doorways’ and seven themes which cover the GA’s core beliefs and priorities.

Visit the new dedicated area of the GA's WEBSITE, download and use the lesson ideas, explore the links, and let us know how you use the document.

'a different view' - please share YOUR view...

Image copyright: Seth Johnson, 2008


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