Rising Tide - opening soon at the Museum of Scotland

Rising Tide opens on the 12th of August. It looks like it will be worth a visit if you are able to get to Edinburgh. The exhibition will run for a year.

Rising Tide considers our relationship to the natural environment through contemporary responses to climate change and plastic waste by Indigenous Australian and Pacific Islander artists. Master fisherman Anthony C Guerrero's contemporary woven baskets made from plastic construction strapping found on his local beach in Guam will be on display. The exhibition hosts the latest version of artist George Nuku’s installation, Bottled Ocean 2123, which imagines the state of the oceans 100 years into the future in an immersive, undersea landscape crafted from single use plastic bottles.

Rising Tide also features historical material from National Museums Scotland's collections, such as spear points from the Kimberley region of Western Australia made by Aboriginal men from discarded glass bottles.

The vulnerabilities of Oceanic countries to climate change will be highlighted, whilst showcasing the strength and resilience of their diverse communities.


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