Soundtrack to my life

More to come on this over on LivingGeography later this month, but the first few minutes of the extract that Mike Oldfield had produced for Tubular Bells 4 (to mark the 50th anniversary of the original) has been put up on YouTube and streaming music services. 

The full extract will be part of the 50th anniversary re-release of the album, released to coincide with the anniversary.

After producing this extract for the record company as a taster, Oldfield hung up his guitars and announced his retirement, so we will never hear the final album. This is preferable for me to bands who continue to go on long after they should have finished, naming no names.

And here's a piece from 1984: one of my favourites, remastered... I still remember playing this in 1984ish by a glacial lake in Norway in the sunshine... one of those lifelong memories.


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