Cold War Steve's collages have provided a regular commentary on the (lack of) competence and self-serving nature of politicians in our government for some years now, and are all works of art, with some regular themes emerging during that time in the way that certain individuals are represented, and with links to other popular culture as well as classic works of art. 

Other pieces are produced for particular events, such as the Queen's Jubilee 2022.

There are also jigsaws of certain pieces as well for those who want a challenge. They make excellent gifts for the right person in your life.

He has produced an affordable sized A3 print to coincide with the closing of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

I have one ordered to be framed for the geography classroom to use as an example of representations of place.

What people and landmarks have been selected to represent Birmingham and its links with the Commonwealth and the cultural influences that migrants have brought to the city? How many of them do you recognise? Which people and places are missing from your perspective?

Who and what would you choose if you were making a similar collage of your own home area / city? Could you have a go at producing something in similar style (also look at the work of Peter Blake on the cover of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band)

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