1000 posts

I started this blog back in August 2007, when I was still teaching at King Edward VII School in King's Lynn, where I had been since 1988.

I was teaching the Pilot GCSE Geography Specification at the time, and there was a Cultural Geography module which I taught, developed by Phil Wood. It offered an exciting new geography compared to the other GCSE specification I had been used to.

The year after, I left teaching and joined the Geographical Association as Secondary Curriculum Development Leader, where I stayed for 3 years. I ended up meeting lots of Cultural geographers and the blog morphed into a general blog with posts on films, music, art and culture as well as other topics. I started my LivingGeography blog, which became my main outlet for blogging, but maintained this one, along with others.

Now I've reached 1000 posts, and the blog has had almost 300 000 views, which is quite respectable.

Thanks for reading. I'll continue to post and cross-post relevant stuff here. All comments on anything you use welcome.


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