Norfolk - flat?

There are a few quotes that are associated with Norfolk, the county where I have now lived for more than half my life, and one of them is from a character called Amanda in the Noel Coward play 'Private Lives' from 1930, who says it is "very flat".
Anyone who has cycled through Norfolk can testify that it is far from flat.

Back in 2011, I was the President of the Norfolk Geographical Association, and for my presidential talk (which was also used for after dinner speeches) I created a talk exploring the sense of place that Norfolk has and explored what it means to different people.

Interestingly, the Royal Geographical Society's Discovering Britain project (which has created walks with accompanying information for many locations around the country) have a walk based around Sheringham which takes that very name: Very flat, Norfolk.

The walk was written by Daniel Evans, a Gap Year scholar of the Royal Geographical Society, who I met with some years ago and advised him on a few elements of what he wanted to do career wise, and how to share what he was doing with people. He's since gone on to study for a PhD at Lancaster University. Daniel is a soil scientist, and writes a number of popular soil science blogs and tweets too.

You can download the walk as a PDF file from this link.

The Discovering Britain projects tag-line is that "Every landscape has a story to tell", and this would make a good project to carry out some time during 2020 too: what is the story of your local landscape? Find out and (re)tell it....


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