Discover:Explore launching today...

As part of the Cultural Olympiad, the Geography Collective worked on a project called Discover:Explore. That project goes live today...

Are you ready to discover THE GREAT GLEN, with all its hidden places and extraordinary stories?
Discover Explore is an exciting new game that enables you to discover ‘fun’-tastic locations throughout the Great Glen, complete daredevil missions, reveal hidden stories and win super duper badges!
Would-be explorers begin online by searching for locations and missions set along the Great Glen in Scotland.  Location chosen, they download an explorer pack with all the missions and head off on an adventure to unlock the stories of that location and find the answer to the online questions.  On returning from the location, explorers must log back in to Discover Explore and upload their answers to the missions in order to win their badges!
More to come later, once the site is up and running.....

Image by Tom Morgan Jones


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