Friday, September 2, 2011

Some VITAL work

Later this month, the Open University and e-Skills UK's VITAL professional development programme is launching a range of subject specialist portals for a number of key subjects, including English and Literacy, History, Maths and Numeracy, Modern Foreign Languages, Music and eSafety.

I am delighted to announce that from later this month, I will be the manager of the Geography portal.

I shall provide more details of the URL and other aspects of the work later this month when they start to go live.
I'm delighted to be associated with VITAL, and will be serving up a rang of services for visitors to the portal.

For those who are unsure of Vital's role.

Delivered by the Open University and funded by DfE, Vital provides:

  • inspiring ideas to inspire your learners
  • materials you can use in your own classroom
  • opportunities to share expertise with your peers

What does Vital offer?

  • flexible, cost-effective courses that fit with your busy schedule
  • case studies of how other teachers are using ICT in their own lessons
  • collaborative spaces to share ideas, experiences and materials
  • guides to key technologies and ideas on how to use them in the classroom
  • interviews with leading practitioners
  • advice and support from ICT specialists
  • useful links
  • Information about opportunities using Vital learning activities as a basis for gaining academic awards and credit.


OllieBray said...

Wel done! Great news! OB

GeoBlogs said...

Thanks - now who was it who told me about those jobs ? I feel I should thank them :)