Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Westward Moving House - updated post

I was contacted by Josh from Places Online Journal today.

"Places" is an online journal of architecture, landscape, and urbanism.

"I'm pleased to share the news that we've just republished J.B. Jackson's classic essay "The Westward-Moving House," originally published in Landscape in 1953, which traces the evolution of the American house over three centuries and across the continent. It's a big text -- 10,000 words -- and a big moment, as we have the pleasure of introducing a new generation of readers to Jackson. 

Geographer Paul F. Starrs and photographer Peter Goin at the University of Nevada, Reno, have purchased the archive of Landscape and plan to digitize the archive and make it fully accessible. Fewer than a dozen libraries have a full set of the magazine, so this is great news for scholars. 

"The Westward-Moving House" was last anthologized 15 years ago and is now out of print, so we are very pleased to partner with Paul and Peter to make it available online. 

Read the WESTWARD MOVING HOUSE here... on the Places / Design Observer website
A good read...

Thanks for the latest addition: a response to the above piece that is called the EASTWARD MOVING HOUSE.

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