Please help me with the answers to these questions...

A little experiment to crowd-source some answers for the Edexcel GCE Geography specification.
This examination, taken by students in the UK when they are doing their 'A' levels - age 16-18, has an optional unit called "The World of Cultural Diversity".

The unit has a focus on cultural geography, and is based on 4 key areas.
1.Defining culture and identifying its value
2.How and why does culture vary spatially?
3.The impact of globalisation on cultural diversity
4.Cultural attitudes to the environment

There is a very useful guide by the Chief examiner that can be downloaded from HERE.

The title for this year's exam has just been released, and is below - there are 2 parts to the question, one of which involves research.

Explore how external threats and internal vulnerability vary in their impacts on cultures and landscapes.

Research contrasting locations and examples to show why the impacts of these pressures vary in their severity and type

So if any of you lovely blog visitors have thoughts on resources, websites or other approaches to answering this question, please feel free to add them as a comment below, and we'll see what happens....


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