Commonwealth Games: geographical curriculum making...

The Geography of Sport has found its way onto many KS3 schemes of work.
It made its way onto mine as I used to teach in a Sports college. The PE department had a lot of money, and we didn't so it made sense to start to make a few connections. Remember that at this time of austerity, any additional source of funding for geography departments needs to be explored.

The World Cup has been and gone, the Olympics aren't until 2012 (although that is getting closer every day... literally a day closer)...
Just been watching the first part of the opening ceremony for the COMMONWEALTH GAMES.

The weblink above includes details on getting the bid document, for activities which involve planning a bid for the games in your local area...

The idea of designing the cultural element of the opening ceremony of a similar event in your home area has already been explored elsewhere.... perhaps the giant helium balloon used in Delhi could become a giant Yorkshire pudding on which images of the county were projected, if they were held in Sheffield ?

With many official languages, a huge variety of landscapes and diversity. the ceremony included a lot of music, costumes etc.
I liked the henna hand painting from beneath...

Good for exploring cultural diversity in India, but also how an event like this will raise awareness of the country. A nice REUTERS SLIDESHOW has some good pictures contrasting ancient and modern India.

Don't forget the Geographical Association shop has a range of resources for teachers considering teaching about INDIA.

A TOP-SPEC book written by Gill Miller & Sue Warn on the new Superpowers of India and China (some sample materials are available)
An INDIA map
A series of DVDs made for the GA in association with Pumpkin.
There are 4 DVDs in the series, and there are discounts for ordering more than one disc.

A sample of the DVDs can be seen on the YouTube ChannelPumpkin which has clips from lots of DVDs to whet your appetite.

A Primary Super-schemes book on a village in India.
Plus the classic Ladakh and Chembakolli photopacks....

Don't forget that GA members get big discounts in the shop, so JOIN NOW.

Coverage of the Commonwealth Games on the BBC

Suresh Kalmadi at the Opening Ceremony: 
"India is ready to host the Commonwealth Games. We have the second fastest-growing economy in the world. There have been delays and challenges but we have risen to the challenges and we can do it. Despite the adverse publicity, all the Commonwealth nations have stood by India. This Games will be the largest in history."


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