Song lyrics in geography

One of the most useful additions to my daily routines over the last year has been SPOTIFY.

Each day that I work from home, I choose an artist from my old LP collection - mostly sadly in landfill now...
Yesterday was Joni Mitchell day, starting with the 1980s when she made some classic albums with then-husband Larry Klein and various jazz musicians. Sadly, the classic "Shadows and Light" with Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays and Jaco Pastorius isn't in the Spotify catalogue...

I had a chance to listen to the album she made with the Starbucks record label in 2007, and came across the track "This Place".

Song lyrics are part of the range of texts that geography students could use in the classroom.

Here are a few lines from the song: search online to find the rest....
How could you use this song ?

You see those lovely hills
They won't be there for long
They're gonna tear 'em down
And sell them to California
Here come the toxic spills
Miners poking all around
When this place looks like a moonscape
Don't say I didn't warn ya...

Copyright 2007: Crazy Crow Music

How have you used song lyrics in the classroom ?


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