Urban Earth Day

URBAN EARTH: DAY is a side project of urban earth. The idea is simple, text based and all going well will result in a 24 chapter book.

The idea is to gather together a subjective view of our urban habitat through a series of simultaneous global walks. What we sense, feel and think will posted as twitters as we go, creating a spontaneous urban portrait of where we all are.

The first walk will take place on a Sunday at 12:00(GMT)... but we will work around the clock. Two weeks later the walk will take place at 13:00(GMT).. until after 24 hours and 24 walks we have 24 chapters of a book... made up of our 140 character twittered thoughts.

So you'll need an hour, a city and a mobile phone for this one.

How to take part...
1. Set up a twitter account. Have a play.
2. Find a city or urban area.
3. At 12:00AM GMT on 24.05.09 go for a walk... If you are in the Solomon Islands, yes - walk at night!
4. Twitter as you go.. feelings, smells, thoughts, prices, ideas, colours, shop names, (ab)normal and (un)usual stuff... making sure you include #ueday in each and every twitter.
5. Go home and visit http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23ueday
6. Spread the word and watch out for hour 2... 13:00-14:00GMT

Visit URBAN EARTH at: http://urbanearth.ning.com


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