Olivier Kugler

Another wonderful Olivier Kugler image in the G2 end of year cartoon special, that I finally caught up with yesterday.
This one looks at the life of FATIMA: a refugee from Somalia.
Case study was taken from REFUGEEWOMEN website.

Olivier is someone whose work I admire greatly. He draws from life: he particularly enjoys drawing on location, or from reference photos of places that he has visited. Each drawing has a wonderful sense of 'place', and there is a strong element of cartography to his work.
Below is an example for those who don't know his work: of the King's Arms pub...
Image copyright: Olivier Kugler

Like this ? Check out Olivier's website.
It would be great to have Olivier's contribution to 'My Places' in Teaching Geography...

Check out his SHETLANDS TO CUBA images too...


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