50 Geographical Films

With thanks to Chris Lloyd Staples for the original 'spade work'...
Ready for a session in Suffolk later this week.
Which one(s) have you used, and how did you use them ?


Kenny O'Donnell said…
Daniel Raven-Ellison created a scheme of work for sustainable development and one of the activities involved drawing a city then imagining a huge glass dome had been placed on top of it. This lends itself perfectly to using The Simpsons movie as a support. I've used the activity before and think this woulod work really well in tandem. I think when I'm teaching our Environmental Issues unit to s2, I'd like to use the start of 'Wall-E' too as a prompt for discussion. I also recently used Christine's 5W's template from SAGT and adapted it for 'City of Men', an epsiode called 'The Mail' or 'The Post', can't remember, which was really useful for exploring themes such as crime and community structure in favelas and also to draw students initial impression of favelas out. Hope this is of some use
Alan Parkinson said…
Hi Kenny
Thanks very much for the comment - very useful !
Have seen Dan's scheme and it's rather good. Wall-E start is good too - should be arriving tomorrow on DVD for my son's birthday.
Chris's work was great, and she has given me permission to use it in a few upcoming events. Glad you found this useful.

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