Archbishop / Sharia Controversy

Image copyright: News of the World website.

I was going to post here about this obvious contemporary story related to what we have talked about in lessons: the dominant culture adapting in some areas to allow for a change in the law in some instances. Several people have got in first of course. This has proved to be a controversial issue...

Tony Cassidy has an interesting summary of the issue in THIS POST. Click and read.

It's interesting that this has resulted in calls for the Archbishop to resign.
So much for cultural pluralism...

On a completely banal theme relative to this, tomorrow sees the launch of Ratatouille on DVD: legally that is... ;)
This is my son's favourite film, and we are looking forward to it, and also the additional extras on the DVD. We're also enjoying the computer game.
This BBC ARTICLE talks about some more awards for the film...
The film's underlying story is "anyone can cook", but remember also "anyone can blog" and "anyone can succeed at geography" - as long as they do the work and read the blog !


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